Sunday, March 15, 2009

BrisStyle Meet Up - March

BrisStyle is an awesome group ... I love being a member

Today we had a meet up to coincide with BrisStyle's 1st Birthday ... YAY

I love these ladies, and I love being in a room full of creative spirits and fun people swapping ideas, notes and .... GIFTS

At this months meet up Cat suggested we do a swap, much to the pleasure of just about everybody!

I was fortuitous enough to receive (pick) this gorgeous girl handmade by Sam from Jetta's Nest

She reminded me of an elvish/faerie lass, so I have named her Aubrey whose name means "Noble" and Elvish translation is Arwen (Ahrwen). She has purple hair and emerald eyes, looks like a healer, and her eyes seem to sparkle more at night!

(Funny thing :: Sam had been wanting a pair of KBB clips, guess who picked them out of the lucky dip? ... )

DON'T FORGET to visit the BrisStyle Blog to meet this months lovelies and their giveaways ...


PS ... Here's what I made for the swap along on Sunday


edward and lilly said...

She's so pretty, I love Sam's dolls, the eyes on them are amazing!

Jetta's Nest said...

LOL, that little 'meow?' in your comments box makes me laugh. My littlest boy loves to pretend he's a cat which consists of him meowing and trying to lick my face!

I'm so glad you love Aubrey and I think it's great that you picked up on her elvish/faerie ancestory as that's the idea behind my turn all my faerie and otherworld drawings into dolls.

Thanks again for the clips too. I think I might be a little addicted to them so I'll be keeping an eye on your shop for some more :)