Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Kitty Boo Boo Handmade Wedding - The Dresses

Some of you know that I made the bridesmaids dresses, my daughters dress and my mum's dress for our wedding. I decided not to make my own dress as I just didn't have the time, let alone the desire to deal with all the heartbreak if it didn't work out!

It was a tight stretch as I waited until a few weeks out to measure the girls and then Therese was away for nearly a week in FiJi at another wedding, Ange was in Scotland for a trip and Kim lives in the UK. None of the dresses were finished more than 6 days out from the wedding and I didn't finish Kim's dress until the day before the wedding! Talk about pressure! Not to mention the fact that we had a chiffon emergency ... I was hand washing out the chalk marks when the chiffon pulled out from the seam and frayed! Some added lace and ribbon did the trick but it was horrifying there for a while.

Our colour scheme was vintage pastels so I chose a soft gold, dusky rose, silver blue and mint green.

My bridesmaids have been close friends for so much of my life. Therese in Pink - 20 years, Ange in mint - 17 years, Kim in blue - 14 years. I also had the pleasure of living with both Kim and Ange. Such awesome girls!

I drafted the patterns myself and made each dress a different style.

My dress was a Wendy Makin, I fell in love with it when I saw it, though after a few dramas in regards to sizing and alteration I must admit I was a little over it but  it is quite pretty and I wanted something simple and flattering.

Without further ado ...

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