Friday, September 23, 2011

Turning Kids Art into Mini Quilts!

Pirate Sam and I decided we needed to make something fun and different. Sam has had a unit at Prep based around Pirates so he has been drawing maps like crazy. Pirate Island, Treasure Smeasure, Feather Island and Skull Island to name a few.

I am not the world's best quilter, I don't seem to have that certain amount of patience that is required. But mini quilts, they are my thing!

So Sam and I decided to turn a Treasure map into a mini quilt that he can use and we can wash if it gets dirty. (He gets a bit sad when paper tears)

To start we needed a Treasure Map. Once you have a map you can work out what you need to create it's 3D counterpart.

You'll need:
1 x piece of fabric for your island
1 x piece of fabric for your front
1 x piece of fabric for the back
1 x piece of wadding ( I chose a piece of Thermolan as it will wash well)
1 x embroidery hoop (not really needed but helps keep stitches regular)
embroidery thread
transfer pen or pencil for fabric (mine is air soluble)
tracing paper if you like
ribbon for tying map scroll together
sewing machine
iron or press

1. Trace your image onto your island fabric

2. Embroider the line work using simple stitches like back stitch or chain stitch. Try not to change any part of the kids work. The imperfections bring the charm!

3. Press the island piece using an iron and then cut out the island. Pin it to your front piece.

4. Applique the island to the front piece using a zig zag stitch

5. We'll be stitching our quilting stitches in a grid to represent the longitude and latitude lines of a map. Pin the front piece to the wadding and stitch evenly spaced lines in one direction, either vertical or horizontal.

 6. Pin this piece to the backing piece and then stitch the lines in the opposite direction to the lines you just stitched. Completing the grid effect on the front but leaving only one direction of lines on the back.

 7. Now use quilt binding around the edge to border the quilt. Whilst binding the quilt attach the ribbon at one side so the map can be tied like a scroll.




Hot Fudge said...

I'm right behind anyone who promotes quilting, particularly if children are involved. What an excellent project Katie - you've given me loads of ideas to share with the grandchildren.

Kitty Boo Boo said...

Thanks Rob ... I hope you make heaps of cool stuff with them!