Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday Madness and some burnt fingers!

Woo hoo the BrisStyle Indie Desgner Markets are only 3 weeks away ... so I spent the weekend making some more clips so I can get down to the more time consuming work of the stitching ...

I have some new ideas in the works ... again and NEVER enough time to complete or even start half of them!

Sometimes I do wish I didn't work and that I could stay at home with my kids and just make and make and bake and create.

But bills must be paid and internet usage is neither free nor cheap!

Here's a quick peek at the scene of creative chaos!

Also in the works are some cuffs, wristlets, spats and glorious glorious chokers and garters ... woo hoo to Burlesque and all things a wee bit sexy.

Coming along for the ride are of course more Derby skirts, more girls dresses and if I get time to finish them some extras for the boys


edward and lilly said...

Katie, everything looks so crazy but amazing in your space, love that you have a wine there too, hehe :)

Jetta's Nest said...

Ooh yes, a glass of red always helps me work through the chaos!

I can't wait for the market too, it's going to be super!!

REread said...

oh ... looking forward to seeing the cuffs ... I'm in the market for a cuff (I have pewny wrists and none of the cool leather ones fir me!!)