Monday, December 15, 2008

Yay - finally some crafty-ness in this blog!

So it seems I have managed to get some things made and actually put them into my blog! Surprise surprise.
I started this blog for my little craft corner and had no time to actually make anything!
So this little spot is a bit of a mish mash of my daily life, my craft and sewing, ideas and other such headfilling must be released stuff.

So look through my blog archive in Dec and you'll see lots and lots of stuff I'm making!

I'm trying to prep some patterns and downloads for you too! Let me know if you want anything in particular ... no point putting freebies up if no-one wants it!

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Hey Harriet said...

Oh you've done like a gazillion posts since I was last here. And I was only here two days ago! Wow! You've been so busy crafting & I love all of your creations. I laughed when I read about you actually finsihing things & posting them to your blog finally. I started my blog as an outlet to share my paintings & stuff...&...well...I'm not quite sure what happened. Oh I know what happened! I'm just not very productive! Aaarrrgh! ;D